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Friday, March 20, 2015

The newest residents in the barn!

The kids have been asking for about a month now WHEN WILL WE GET PIGS!?!?!
To them, spring now means pigs!
He gets a daily dose of Bubba, gingersnap cookies and marshmallows.
I think they both enjoy it!

Preston told me he named him Cookie because he has "chocolate chips on his behind."

Cookie enjoys chewing on his boots....a lot.


We also added "Tootsie Roll" to the line up.
He is about a month younger and really cute!
I  still need to take pictures of him and Peighton though!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Animal Kingdom and Sea World!

We had a character breakfast scheduled at Animal Kingdom on Friday.
It was one of our favorites last time we were at Disney World and it was totally worth doing again!
A button got switched on my camera and I didn't realize it.
So, these pictures could have been so much better.
Oh well, just means we need to go back!!!!

Goofy is one of his faves!

After breakfast we were off to explore Animal Kingdom.

It was a CHILLY morning so we found a few inside things to do.

Chip and Dale were AWESOME.
The kids were giggling the whole time.
One was trying to eat Peighton's hair and the other was trying to take the tail off Preston's hat.

So much fun!

A petting zoo is always fun.

Even though we brush animals at home it's just as fun somewhere else.

The Lion King show was amazing!

Peighton loved the monkeys because they did lots of

Saturday we were off to Sea World-one of our favorite places to visit!

She found an ice cream bush and requested a picture.

LOVED the dolphin show!

We kept buying food to feed things...but NO ONE would feed them!!!!
Katy and I both enjoyed feeding the sea life!!!!

He really thought he wanted to feed them.

So did she...but neither one actually did!

The sea turtles were absolutely amazing.
We watched them for quite awhile.


A rare picture of all four kids!

Sticking your head in a sharks mouth is a must do.

They were told if they behaved they could get a Shamu ice cream bar!

We loved all the bushes that were in shapes!

Waiting for Shamu to come by!

It was so amazing to watch him swim!
We had a great time at Sea World and will be back again someday!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Legos, Epcot, and Hollywood Studios Fun

More Florida Fun!

We LOVE the Lego Store!
The boys thought Hulk was pretty cool.

Buzz and Woody were a big hit too.

Peighton has loads of the Lego Friends sets and knew exactly which one this was.
Mia, maybe?

Outside of the store were awesome tables to build whatever you could imagine.
We had a great time building in the nice weather!

Preston is quite the lego man these days.

Everyone got in on the action.

After some shopping, we took a ride on the carousel.

These two loved it and giggled most of the ride.

We snuck in a little swimming that afternoon.

The next morning Grandma Sue took a break from her meetings for another ride on the carousel with the kids!

Then we were off to Epcot with the Family Farms group.
Preston found a shark.


We had the opportunity to go on a "Behind the Seeds" tour at Epcot.
It was very interesting.
We saw how they grow some of the fruits, vegetables and flowers at Disney.
We toured the hydroponics lab as well as their aquaponics area.
Preston was super impressed to see plants growing "not in the dirt!"

We thought these vegetables could rival the zucchini that comes out of Grandma Sue's garden!

I can't remember the name of this but it smelled REALLY good and was quite heavy.

The kids both enjoyed learning about how they grow things at Disney.

The next day we were off to Hollywood Studios.
We met up with Goofy!

The kids also got to meet Jake!

Grandma met Sophia.

We took our traditional mouse ears picture while we waited for a Toy Story ride.

While we waited for the ride, Mr. Potato Head talked to us!

And Preston had a meltdown about something.
It was a very fun day though!